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Riddle of the Month
At the end of each month we will be revealing the answers to each of the riddles in our 2019 calendar.
Look below to find out if you were right.

JUNE   The thunder comes before the lightning; the lightning comes
before the clouds. The rain dries everything it touches.
JULY   What flies forever, Rests never? Answer:
I have forests but no trees. I have lakes
but no water. I have roads but no cars.
I crawl on the earth. And rise on a pillar.
OCTOBER   What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket.
Becomes larger but weighs less?
NOVEMBER   I am always hungry, I must always be fed.
The finger I lick will soon turn red.
DECEMBER   I come in winter. I cannot see, hear, or feel.
I can’t eat, But you can eat parts of me.
JANUARY   Until I am measured. I am not known,
yet how you miss me when I have flown.
Answer: Time
FEBRUARY   No matter how little or how much you use me,
you change me every month.
Answer: Calendar
MARCH   Every night I'm told what to do, and each morning
I do what I'm told. But I still don't escape your scold.
Answer: Alarm Clock
APRIL   Three lives have I. Gentle enough to soothe the skin.
Light enough to caress the sky. Hard enough to crack rocks.
Answer: Water
MAY   Which seven-letter word contains dozens of letters? Answer: Postbox
Highly efficient grooving of implant head profiles!
Grooving instead of single-point turning has become more established in medical applications as well. There are many reasons for it, as shown by the following example:

Previously, after turning the thread, the head profile was achieved by single-point turning. The contour of the head was rough-turned using a standard tool. Then the head profile was finished using an ISO insert with a very small cutting edge radius (R 0.2 mm). To achieve a high surface finish quality and to prolong tool life on the ISO insert a very low feed rate was used.

The rough-turning was done by a standard insert as in the previous process. The finishing process was achieved while grooving the entire head contour with a SCHWANOG PWP insertable tool.

Due to the grooving process a very high surface finish quality was achieved, while the previously rotational grooves established by the single-pointing process, were greatly minimized. Not only was the head profile produced with absolute process safety, but the Schwanog form tool was also able to reduce the part cycle time significantly.

Join us at Citizen
Join us at the opening of Citizen's new showroom and demonstration facitlities.
We will be there from 14th-16th May.

Citizen Building

  What to expect
  A chance to see our new permanent display booth in the partner area
  of Citizen’s new facility.

  See our latest tooling innovations for CNC sliding head and fixed head lathes.

  An opportunity to meet members of or our specialist technical team
  and discuss specific applications.
  Find us at
  Citizen Machinery UK,
  Narrowboat Way,
  Hurst Business Park, Brierley Hill,
  West Midlands, DY5 1UF
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  With a wide range of tools on display in the showroom during the event.
Applitec EVOCUT-Line   Floyd Tools   Microconic by MASA Tool

How are Floyd preparing for a No-Deal Brexit?
Many clients have been contacting us to ask this question as they understand that we are fundamentally ‘importers’ of tooling products, and they are naturally concerned that there could be supply issues with essential tooling we provide. Whilst we believe that the UK will not crash out of the EU without a deal, it cannot be 100% ruled out in the light of the current problems in the UK Parliament.

For this reason, we have taken measures to reduce the impact of a No-Deal Brexit on the 29th March 2019, which we have outlined below.

UPS are our principal partner for handling all our imports. Following discussions with them, they have advised that in the very unlikely event of the UK leaving on WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules, they will be able to continue to process incoming goods. With the use of digital (paperless) processing of customs documents they do not anticipate major issues, however services may be delayed in the earlier stages. They cannot comment further at this time. In addition, we have advised all our suppliers who are already very versed in handling orders with countries outside of the EU to be prepared for such changes
As we already export to many countries’ worldwide, we have the expertise to ensure that our shipments to our customers in the Republic of Ireland and other European clients will be processed as efficiently as possible.
Due to the diverse nature of the tooling products we offer, we will not be increasing our stock of standard tools. This would put unnecessary stress on our facilities in terms of storage and costs. However, we are working closely with clients who have expressed concerns about the supply chain and are working closely with them to ensure supply.

Please do contact us if you have concerns regarding the continuity of supply of any of the tools you currently purchase from us.

Thank you for your attention.
Richard Floyd

Future Engineering Ireland
This year we will be attending the Future Engineering Ireland exhibition.
The relevent information is inluded below, we look forward to seeing you there.

FEI 2019 Logo
Tools on show technical support
At this year Future Engineering show we will be bring a variety of tools including; Schwanog tooling for the medical industry and Alesa high performance milling solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries. We won’t forget Zeus knurling and roll marking solutions either.
For the latest innovations in specific tooling for Sliding head Lathes there will be; Applitec Swiss tooling for Sliding Head lathes and Masa Microconic Sub-spindle high precision collet system. All other associated products will be available.
As specialist in tooling for precision component machining, we have nearly 30 years of experience supporting companies manufacturing complex parts. We collaborate with some of the top tooling companies to provide specific solutions in medical, automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.
From complex work holding to high performance machining of difficult materials, we can assist you. For more information, visit our website, or contact our technical team on 0044 1462 491919.

Christmas Closure
Please take note of the arrangements detailed below.
This is a timely reminder to all our clients about our Christmas and New Year activities.

Christmas Banner * We will be closed from *

We will be re-opening at 9AM
on Wednesday 2nd January 2019
Delivery for Christmas During Christmas
Please place your orders with us in good time to receive your products before Christmas. Remember our European suppliers will ship their last deliveries in WEEK 51. Last orders will be shipped on the 20th December by UPS ONLY. During our closure, we will be monitoring emails and answerphone messages. If, however you have an urgent requirement that cannot wait, then please call us on 07919 004134 and we will do our best to help you.
Please note that many of our suppliers will be closed into the New Year (approx. 6th January),
so if you need anything for when we return to work then please let us know as soon as possible.
Merry Christmas from Floyd
Torque Spanners
New to our FLO-Tool range is the Torque Spanner for ER Collet Nuts. Available for ER8 up to ER32 Collet Clamping Nuts.
Click here for more detailed infomation.

Torque Spanners for:
Torque Spanner Mini-Nuts   Mini-Nuts
ER8 to ER25
£99.00 - 20%
  Hexagon & Slotted Nuts
ER16 to ER32
£130.00 - 20%


Torque Spanners

Predefined force for tightening the nut (repeatability)
Reduced risk of runout problems by using too much strength
Reduced risk of damaging nuts and tool holders
Reduced risk of injuries
Torque Spanners

Also available from our FLO-Tool range:
Single and double ended through coolant Collet Holders
Tap & die holders
Backworking Holders
Boring Bar and Reduction Sleeves
ER/ESX Collets, Nuts and Spanners
Broaching Heads
Driven Tools
ER Collet Reduction Sleeves
Milling Arbors
Quick Change Tool System
Reamer Holders
High Pressure coolant feed systems


Open Houses 2018
We will be attending the Citizen and Star Open Houses this year. For more details on these events please read below.

Star and Citizen Logos

Star GB
02-04 October 2018
Tues 0900-1800 / Wed 0900-1800 / Thurs 0900-1700
Unit 1, Riverlands Business Park, Rynesway, Derby, DE21 7BZ
  Citizen Machinery
16-18 October 2018
Tues 0900-1700 / Wed 0900-2130 (Curry Night) / Thurs 0900-1700
Bushey Headquarters, 1 Park Avenue, Bushey, WD23 2DA

W&F Micro   W&F MICRO
A completely interchangeable head design that provides a versatile, quick change solution precise to 0.002mm. Available in 8mm, 12mm and 16mm Sq. shanks, for standard CC, DC, and VC ISO inserts and other tooling lines*. Precision ‘Taper & Face’ location ensure repeatability and accuracy and heads can be pre-set with inserts to ensure minimum downtime when changing worn inserts. (*Please ask for more information)
The new Colibri Slim Jet solution for increasing spindle speed of driven tool units was extremely popular as well. This brand new high-speed coolant driven spindle is powered by 20 bar of coolant pressure that generates a spindle speed above 20,000rpm. The speed, torque output and other performance parameters can be constantly monitored via any mobile device with Bluetooth connectivity.

Replaces the standard F37 collet in your CNC spindle and also available for machines using collet types F25 (145E), F20 (138E), and 5C.
  • Overgrip collets also available up to +4mm on diameter
  • Concentricity guaranteed to be with in 5µm (0.0002”) in production use.
  • Use in high precision, small diameter CNC turning applications up to Ø10mm
  • Enables you to move more work to the sub spindle operations and reduced cycle time.
Hirt-Line Typ-0   HIRT-LINE TYP-0 (Ø1/8" OUTLET).
The original SWISS-MADE stainless steel adjustable and lockable coolant nozzle system. Stable & reliable flow of coolant for oil or air. This includes standard applications of up to 50 bar pressure, with optional components to go 100 bar plus. A permanent replacement for traditional plastic systems.
Solve you high pressure coolant connection with the Miniplug 1. Achieve pressures of up to 200 bar with high-quality braided steel hoses made entirely from stainless steel. Various connecting threads suitable distributor blocks and system accessories.
24-48 hrs In-House collet resizing service available for F-Type collets.
Specialist in guide bush technology, extended length carbide bushes, JBS & Schlenker SDK adaptive guide bushes. We offer special collet applications, over-shoulder clamping, internal clamping, extended nose collets. Pinned, threaded and turbo bar feed grippers for LNS, FMB, IEMCA and most makes of bar feeder. Most sizes available ex-stock at our facility in Hertfordshire.
This tungsten carbide shaft endmill with integrated cooling is new and unique in it's design and available in standard endmill sizes from 1 to 6 mm (.039” to .236”). This innovative tool can “drill” vertically into material up to 1 x d and then move sideways to mill slots and pockets into solid material. Hence operations like feather key-milling can be executed rapidly and processed safely in smallest spaces.
The following features distinguish this small milling bit CrazyMill Cool P&S which shows outstanding performance especially in nickel-based alloys:
Geometry of the head section | Edges and flutes geometries
Through cooling
| Ultrafine grain carbide | High-performance coating
NEW products are now available, visit our website for the catalogue here.

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MACH 2018 Highlights
Thank you for visiting us at MACH 2018! We had an amazing time at this years MACH exhibition, we hope you did as well. 
We're so grateful to those who came and made the show such a success. Here are some of the show highlights just for you.
If you made an enquiry with a member of the staff, someone will be in touch soon. Please bear with us.
MASA Microconic System

We had a huge level of interest in the new Masa Microconic Sub-Spindle Collets. Precise and stable clamping of small workpieces in the sub-spindles has long been an issue for turned part manufacturers; it has now been solved by the revolutionary precision workholding system. For manufacturers of high-precision parts in the connector, medical and electronics sector, the Microconic over-grip collet system was a great find.

Colibri Spindles

The new Colibri Slim Jet solution for increasing spindle speed of driven tool units was extremely popular as well. This brand new high-speed coolant driven spindle is powered by 20bar of coolant pressure that generates a spindle speed above 20,000rpm. The speed, torque output and other performance parameters can be constantly monitored via any mobile device with Bluetooth connectivity.

Zeus Burnishing

The Zeus Burnishing Tool from Hommel + Keller is an all-rounder for all classical applications for burnishing surfaces. It's suitable for small geometry work on materials such as steel and high-strength materials and the Series is available with two variants. 510 Series of fixed head tools for standard operations or the 520 Series with a variably adjustable head for end faces and conical surfaces.

Floyd Stand at MACH 2018
Poken at MACH 2018
We understand that at this year MACH 2018 exhibition some of you registered interest in receiving information from our POKENS. This was a new technology for us and our visitors, so we understand that not everyone will be switched on with what to do next.

What is POKEN?
Poken is a cloud-based event management platform, that creates richer engagement. Trade show exhibitors load their marketing documents or any other relevant content, into ‘Touchpoints’. Poken’s  Touchpoint sensors are completely autonomous, and easily placed by the show organiser or by exhibitors themselves, anywhere in their booth, or elsewhere around the venue. Every time a visitor collects this information, they leave a digital business card. The exhibitor has the details of everyone who has dropped by there booth and collected their information, as well as a useful analytics.

Accessing you data..
If you're unsure on how to access your data, please follow this link and log in with your details. This will allow you to view the information we have provided.

We have provided links withing this article, please click the links below. You will find all the information on each tooling sections from MACH 2018 exhibition.
For more information please call our sales team 01462 491919.
MACH 2018 H20-620
09-13th April 2018 // NEC Birmingham
We'll be there all week, come and see our full range of precision tooling on stand H20-620.
For more information on MACH visit their website..

With our roots set firmly in small turned part production, turning tools are one of our principal products with the Applitec Swiss Tooling range being our primary program. Offering a complete solution for modern CNC sliding head and fixed head machines, Applitec offers a broad range of standard tools that are readily available. Including the best selling insert program TOP-Line. ECO-Line, ISO-Line, CUT-Line and new PRO-Line are all available with through coolant holders. The new IN-Line system offers small boring tools from Ø0.3mm. Not all turning can be achieved with standard tools due to complexity or in the pursuit of productivity. Schwanog, the renowned German tool company, can supply productivity gains with their range of form tools which include external and internal form tools, thread whirling and milling, polygon tooling and Multi-Spindle tools.
Turning Tools

Milling ToolsMilling
Mikron Tool based in Agno Switzerlandprovide equally high performance end milling tool solutions like the CrazyMill Cool Ball, an innovative ball end-mill from Mikron Tool developed for the roughing and finishing of stainless steels, pure titanium and titanium alloys, Cr-Co alloys and super alloys. Patented with a very efficient integrated coolant supply it reaches the highest cutting speeds and guarantees a high chip removal rate.

Modern CNC machines now have complex multi-axis capability, requiring not just turning solutions, but milling too. To meet these demands we offer a range of milling and slotting tools from the Swiss company Alesa. Their Nutex ranges of HSS and Carbide slotting tools have dramatically improved reliability and performance. Their core product however remains the Twist, and recently introduced Delta Milling Cutters. Combined with the proven AlCrN-VA coating, the high positive-ground cutting edges offer reduced cutting forces, very long tool life and high process stability. Alesa also manufacture HSS milling inserts for applications where carbide just can’t cut it.
The ever popular Applitec CIRCO-Line range of Carbide saws and arbors are a mainstay of our range of slitting saw products. With fine, extra fine & coarse tooth saws available from stock.

Threading ToolsThreading
There are many different options for thread production and we can offer options from simple threading inserts to thread whirling and milling tools. A popular and fast solution for the production of external threads up to M8 is the Habegger thread rolling die made in Switzerland. It has been around for many years, but this simple roll-on/roll-off solution remains effective to this day. 
For larger applications, we have Wagner axial heads and tangential attachments for thread rolling as well as axial cutting heads.

Knurling, Marking & Burnishing ToolsKnurling, Marking, & Burnishing
Knurling is often considered to be a bit of black art when it comes to production machining. German based precision tool manufacturers, Hommel & Keller, have many years of experience with their range of ZEUS Form and Cut knurling tools that we offer along with our technical support. In addition, they also supply the ZEUS range of roll marking tools ideally suited to production applications where traceability and part marking are required. 

Broaching & Splining
Both external and internal broaching solutions are available from our FLO-Tool range of accessories for sliding head and fixed machines. Classic wobble broaching heads and static broaches are available. As a specialist form tool manufacturer, Schwanog can supply a very accurate solution to external splines using a serration form tool.
Drilling Tools

Mikron Tool is probably better known for their CrazyDrill products. These tools were developed by Mikron initially to support their own range of high volume production machines, but soon realised that the ‘crazy’ performance and machining parameters would have a place in the market. With a wide range of tools for piloting, centring, deep hole drilling and chamfering. Applitec also offer an extensive range of precision Carbide drills in their MICRO-Line range at very competitive prices. Such high precision machine machinery also requires good setting techniques. To assist in setting of these precision drilling applications quickly, we have the MOWIDEC ‘Smart’ Centring system. This simple but very useful solution uses a contactless proximity probe to assist with offset adjustments. 

Workholding ToolsWorkholding
We recently introduced the MASA Microconic Sub-Spindle collet system for sliding head machines. This new system overcomes the problems of precision part pick up and ‘over the shoulder’ clamping applications. Using a Patented cartridge and special collet that fits directly into the sub-spindle, the Microconic collets maintain a repeatable accuracy of 5 microns. Targeted at smaller parts up to Ø10mm, and currently available for machines using collet types F25 (145E), F20 (138E), and 5C. The developers, MASA Tool Inc. are currently working on further versions to enhance their range. Collets, guide bushes and bar feed collets are the basic ingredients for a sliding head machine, and we offer a wide variety of solutions depending on your equirements. We carry a full inventory of competitively priced products and provide an in-house collet re-sizing service.

We supply the Schaublin range of precision collets and spindle tooling. The Swiss precision collet manufacturer specialises in work holding for cylindrical tool grinding machines, where the SRS system has been specifically developed to allow collets to be adjusted to better than 5 microns!

Collet HoldersCollet Holders
On new CNC Sliding head machines there are many new configurations for static and driven tools. So, when it comes to finding the additional accessories, there is a lot more to these machines than just a few collet holders! Within our own FLO-Tool range, we have all types of ER collet holders, tap holders, reamer holders and back working holders to suit most machine types. 

Madaula SA
 provides us with a comprehensive range of driven tools for both standard and special applications with speeders, reducers and angle heads. 

Colibri Spindles provide an alternative high speed solution using High Pressure Coolant.

High Pressure Coolant Tools
High Pressure Coolant
Naturally, with the increased number of machines fitted with High Pressure coolant, we have options there too using our HEB Quick Change High Pressure Coolant Connectors and HIRT-Line stainless steel lockable coolant hoses.

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