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Floyd Expands Small Turning Series

Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd has been announced as the new the UK sales and distribution partner of renowned Swiss cutting tool brand Denitool. The new agreement will see the Baldock based cutting tool specialist incorporate the Denitool precision boring range of fine tools into its portfolio.

 The Denitool range of precision boring tools is a high-quality line of solid carbide boring bars with a multitude of indexable insert geometries and grades to improve the performance of small part turning operations. This new range of turning and boring tools will strengthen the Floyd Automatic offering whilst providing turned parts manufacturers with a new range of tools that complement the already extensive and high-quality product lines available from Floyd Automatic.

The solid carbide boring bars with through coolant facility demonstrate exceptional rigidity and stability to maximise surface finishes, tool life and machining performance. The bars are currently available in three variants, the SWUCR, STUPR and SCUPR variants. The new SWUCR boring bars that work with triangular inserts are available with 5 or 6mm diameter bars with an overall length of 85 and 95mm respectively. Alongside this new tool is the STUPR boring bars that are more robust for boring larger diameter holes. This series provides 7mm boring bars with the option of an 80 or 115mm overall length or alternately the 9mm diameter variant with overall lengths of 100 and 135mm and a distance of 4 or 5mm from the centre line of the tool to the cutting edge. These dimensions are replicated on the new SCUPR boring tools with the STUPR accommodating triangular inserts and the SCUPR accepting square insert geometries.
For the SWUCR and STUPR boring tools that accept triangular insert geometries, Floyd Automatic is introducing a selection of insert grades in both the WCGT and WCET designations. The insert variations include a host of different corner radii as well as other geometry variations to maximise machining performance, surface finishes, tool life and material removal rates on a diverse range of material types – making this new Denitool range suitable for all manufacturers of small components. For the SCUPR carbide boring bar variant, Floyd Automatic is introducing two new insert designations, once again with a diverse selection of geometries, corner radii and edge preparation to deliver unparalleled performance and precision when internal turning small parts. For further information on any of the Denitool small-bore turning series, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.     



MACH 2022
As the outright experts in sliding head tooling technology, Floyd Automatic Tooling will have two sliding head machines on its stand at MACH 2022 from Star and Citizen. On Stand 472 in Hall 20, the Star SR-32J and Citizen L12 machines will be tooled-up with the latest innovations from the Hertfordshire cutting tool specialists, with machines on the respective Star and Citizen stands also demonstrating the extensive portfolio available from Floyd Automatic.
Having a Star SR-32J Type A and a Citizen L12 demonstrates the strength of the relationships that Floyd Automatic has with the UK’s most successful machine tool brands in the small turned parts segment. At MACH, Floyd will emphasise why it is the ‘go-to’ company for manufacturers of small parts with the fully tooled machines appearing alongside displays of established and new product lines.

On the sliding head turning centres, Floyd Automatic will introduce the latest Applitec Top-Line range of high-performance parting and grooving tools for automatic lathes and the micro industries. Applitec has enhanced its TOP-Line turning program with the latest laser-generated chip breaking ZXT Inserts. The Applitec ZXT chip breakers for grooving and turning operations have honed edges, laser-generated chip breakers and a complete range of geometries and coatings to drastically improve precision, performance and swarf control when machining small intricate components. Alongside this will be the Top-Line 700 Series that consists of an expansive range of indexable insert grades and geometries with specialised toolholders that guarantee unbeatable performance for parting, front-turning, grooving, threading, back-turning and form turning with radial insert geometries.
Accompanying these tools will be the Flo-Tool Series of collet holders for small part machining. With a complete line of ER08, 11, 16, 20, 25 and 32 precision holders available with a range of collet diameters, holder lengths and clamping nuts, the Flo-Tool Series demonstrates unsurpassed precision and run-out for high-performance machining. Complementing the Flo-Tool and Applitec lines will be the Masa Microconic collets. Precise and stable clamping of small workpieces in the sub-spindles of sliding head machines has long been an issue for turned part manufacturers.

Floyd has pioneered many solutions in this area, but this latest development in association with MASA tools is revolutionising precision workholding. The Microconic over-grip collet system that consists of a cartridge and precision collet ultimately allows manufacturers to rethink what is possible. The over-grip collet fits inside a cartridge and is accurately adjusted before it is fitted directly into the existing collet sleeve with no machine adaptations are required. The collets are available with clamping diameters from 0.2mm to 10mm, meaning the most fragile of parts can be clamped safely and precisely. With a concentricity level between 3 to 5 microns, the Masa Microconic System is ideal for precision small part turning.


Accompanying the MASA range will be the SRS range of collet clamping heads from Schaublin. With its unique precision runout adjustment system, manufacturers can achieve repeatability within 2µm, making it also suitable for grinding machines using W or B type draw-type collets. To further enhance precision levels, Floyd will also show the Mowidec spindle centring system at MACH. The impressive spindle centring system developed by Wibemo enables manufacturers to reduce set-up times and save on tooling costs, especially when machining small dimensions. The system is suitable for sliding head machines, single spindle turning centres, multi-spindle machines and rotary transfer machines where companies need to adjust a spindle, a tool or a drill.
Also at MACH will be the Hirt Line series of flexible stainless-steel coolant hoses and adaptors. With a complete range of hoses, adaptors, nozzles, plugs, manifold blocks and elbows, the Hirt-Line is resistant to fluid pressure of over 100bar in temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees C. With greater rigidity, extended service life and an unfathomable range of end nozzles for turning and machining centres as well as grinding machines, the Hirt-Line is an attractive proposition for any machine shop.
Also taking a central role will be the HEB Miniplug high-pressure coolant connection system. For tooling blocks with a through coolant facility, the HEB Miniplug eliminates the need for continual hose and connection changes and it reduces excessive use of hoses and connections in compact work envelopes.
Showing the diversity of the Floyd Automatic portfolio, the Nutex range of circular saw blades, the Zeus precision knurling line and the unsurpassed range of Mikron Tool end mills, drills and multi-functional tools will also be on show. The opportunities to witness productivity benefits and set-up time reductions will be plentiful on the Floyd stand. All this technology will be demonstrated alongside high-end tooling, clamping products, collets, sleeves and bushes and peripheral equipment for manual and CNC turning and cylindrical grinding centres at MACH on Stand 472 in Hall 20.
Floyd SWITCHes Up Flexibility With New Turning Line

Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced the new SWITCH-Line Series of interchangeable turning tools from Applitec. Developed to deliver fast, easy tool changeovers with precision, repeatability & consistency, the new SWITCH-Line Series has been designed for use with standard tool platens on turning centres.

 Applitec has created this innovative new line in response to customers that require quick & easy insert & tool changeovers with accuracy and reliability. This unsurpassed level of precision and repeatability is derived from a new ‘face and taper’ location system that not only improves positioning and accuracy but also stability and cutting performance. Furthermore, the impressive new design characteristics see the SWITCH-Line provide unparalleled ease of use and affordability, which has been a barrier to adoption with rival systems.

The interchangeable heads are available for all Applitec insert lines including the TOP-Line, TURN-Line and the extremely popular ISO-Line. With the TOP-Line catering for all parting, grooving and intricate form machining applications and the TURN-Line and ISO-Line meeting, the diverse turning requirements of any machine shop; the new SWITCH-Line Series is the product of choice for manufacturers looking to improve productivity and performance with the added benefit of reducing machine downtime and tool changeovers. With a comprehensive range of insert dimensions, geometries and coatings to suit all material and application types, the new SWITCH-Line is perfect for all users of sliding head turning centres.
To improve handling and tool changeovers, Applitec has developed the system with a single screw release system that demonstrates the ease of changeovers. The program also incorporates a range of cylindrical tool holders with interchangeable ER collet holders and HSK designations for quick tool changes, further expanding the flexibility of the series. In addition, the SWITCH-Line Series allows for through tool coolant and high-pressure coolant facility via the Applitec JET-line or HEB Mini Plug system. Both coolant delivery systems can be fitted quickly and with ease to the SWITCH-Line Series with no time-consuming hose changeovers or bulky connections that can clutter the work envelope. To further reduce set-up times and maximise machine uptime, the SWITCH-Line Series can be pre-set away from the machine, so the operator has a simple task of adjusting a single screw to change the tool head. If you want to experience the ultimate in cutting tool flexibility and autonomy on your sliding head turning centres, contact Floyd Automatic for more information.

Floyd Plays it Cool with New Mikron CrazyMill

Mikron CrazyMill P&S   

Now available from Floyd Automatic Tooling is the latest cutting tool innovation from Mikron Tool. The new CrazyMill Cool P&S square and corner radius series of end mill is an exciting new 3-flute tool with patented coolant supply ducts integrated into the shank – a feature that Mikron Tool has developed specifically for rough and finish milling of stainless steels, titanium and aluminium based superalloys and also nickel-chromium based superalloys.
The versatility and geometry of the new CrazyMill Cool P&S also make it very well adapted for application on materials such as steels to 40HRc, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Based on its ability to plunge vertically to 1XD and ramp at 45-degree angles, the new CrazyMill Cool P&S becomes a ‘plunge-mill’ capable of milling and drilling applications, making it especially suitable for milling grooves, pockets, face and side milling in the smallest of spaces as well as linear ramp milling.
The new solid carbide end mills are available in diameters from 1 to 3mm in 0.1mm increments and up to 8mm with imperial dimensions also available. The impressive new series is available as a Type A and Type C variant. The Type A end mills are manufactured with an optimised 2.5XD geometry for robust machining of challenging materials and high material removal rates. The Type C end mills provide a 5XD geometry for reaching into cavities and machining complex profiles.
The 2.5XD end mills are supplied with a corner radius from 0.1 to 1.5mm depending upon the diameter selected and the range has a shank diameter from 4 to 12mm with an overall length from 40 to 70mm with an effective flute length from 2.5 to 20mm. In comparison, the longer 5XD variant is also offered with 0.1 to 1.5mm corner rads with shank diameters from 4 to 12mm. However, the 5XD CrazyMill Cool P&S has an overall length from 40 to 90mm with a shank neck from 5 to 40mm with an effective flute length of 2 to 16mm. This provides exceptional rigidity and performance, even when reaching into the deepest of cavities.  
The CrazyMill Cool P&S is manufactured from a micro-grain carbide that demonstrates the perfect hardness to toughness ratio. This robust platform is coated with Mikron Tool’s eXedur SNP coating technology which is a high-performance heat and wear-resistant coating that also assists the chip removal process. This is complemented by a customised flute and relief angle design that combine to demonstrate an extremely stable cutting-edge angle that prevents the lateral hooking-up and edge chipping that is often caused by excess vibration. The enlarged flute channels create sufficient chip space clearance whilst maintaining tool strength and integrity to allow impressive chip evacuation.
The chip evacuation is further enhanced by the patented coolant channel ducts whereby 3 to 5 ducts (depending on shank diameter) provide a constant and massive coolant stream that flushes chips from the cutting area to prevent swarf re-cutting and over-heating of the cutting edges. This cooling concept is especially well adapted for pockets and slots, as chips can be flushed, even from tight spaces. The coolant ducts guarantee longer tool life and facilitate higher chip removal rates when compared to conventional types of carbide milling cutters with external coolant supply. If you would like to find out more about this exceptional new range of end mills, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.


We are exhibiting at MACH 2022
We are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting on stand 20-472 at MACH 2022, at the NEC during 4-8 April 2022.
This year we are pleased to announce that we will have two Sliding Head Machines on our stand to demonstrate our range of precision tooling. 
-Star SR32JII Type A
-Citizen L12-VII

Machines provided by kind courtesy of Star Micronics GB Ltd (Stand No. 19-330) and Citizen Machinery Co. Ltd (Stand No. 20-150)


New Products recently added to our portfolio will also be on display...
  Denitool - Precision Boring Tools                      Applitec Switch-Line Swiss Tooling


 JBO- Thread Mills & Thread Gauges                Hydro Swiss Turn Cylindrical Tool Holders

Ukraine is in Crisis
We are gravely concerned about the intensification of fighting in Ukraine over the past few days. People are losing their homes and lives; families are being separated. Essential services like water and health care are under threat. We encourage you to help where you can by donating to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal by the British Red Cross. 


Jan & Feb 2022 News
The beginning of 2022 has been an exciting time for Floyd Automatic Tooling. We've got new tool ranges from Denitool & JBO to offer our customers. We have new broaching units from Madaula. We are very pleased to once again feature in the new BTMA buyers guide. A fabulous Wagner Rolling Head has come in for a customer. Finally we're all looking forward to the the Mach 2022 show, and are starting to prepare for a busy week at the NEC. 


We have new broaching untis from Madaula, for economic manufacturing of oriented keyways and splines.


We now offer the Denitool Product Range, and have added a Denitool Catalogue to our website.


We now offer the JBO Product range and have added a JBO Catalogue to our website.

BTMA 2022

We are once again very proud to be featured in the BTMA 2022 Buyers guide. Have you got your copy, and if so can you find us ?

Wagner F22-S Helix Axial Rolling Head

Released last year, we recently sent out this beautiful Wagner F22-S Helix, axial-rolling head. To produce a high quality 3/8" UNJF-24 thread on S80 Stainless Steel.

Christmas 2021 Closure
Floyd Automatic will be closing the office from Weds 22/12/21.
Staff will be working from home and will continue to monitor and reply to emails on Weds 22/12/21 & Thurs 23/12/21.

Floyd Automatic then closes for Business for Christmas from 24/12/21.

Floyd Automatic will Re-open on Tuesday 4th January 2022
Advanced Engineering

Floyd Exhibiting at Advanced Engineering - NEC, Birmingham.

Floyd Automatic Tooling are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the Advanced Engineering Show at the NEC, Birmingham on the 3rd & 4th November 2021. 
Stop by Stand D70 and say Hi and chat to us about any tooling questions. 
Floyd attend Citizen Open House 2021

Floyd attend Citizen 3 day Open House event

Thank you to Citizen Machinery UK for inviting us to your open house event.
It was great to meet some new customers and chat to exisiting customers. We enjoyed the hospitality and knowledge from all your staff. 
Many Thanks !!

The Floyd Stand at the Citizen Machinery open house event. 


Russell chatting to the guys from B&G Lock


A Citizen GN4200

Chesfield Downs Charity Golf Day

Floyd Automatic sponsors Chesfield Downs Golf Day !

Floyd Automatic Tooling are the proud sponsors of the 16th Hole at the Charity Golf Day in aid of "The Creative Mental Health Charity" on the 6th September 2021 at Chesfield Downs Golf Club.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Hertforshire at Chesfield Down Golf Club.
We wish all the Players Good Luck Today !!

Jane Celebrates 25 Years at Floyd

25 Years !

Please join us in congratulating Jane on 25 Years at Floyd.
A huge thank you from all of your friends and colleagues for all your years of hard work and laughter.

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