How are Floyd preparing for a No-Deal Brexit?
Many clients have been contacting us to ask this question as they understand that we are fundamentally ‘importers’ of tooling products, and they are naturally concerned that there could be supply issues with essential tooling we provide. Whilst we believe that the UK will not crash out of the EU without a deal, it cannot be 100% ruled out in the light of the current problems in the UK Parliament.

For this reason, we have taken measures to reduce the impact of a No-Deal Brexit on the 31st October 2019, which we have outlined below.

UPS are our principal partner for handling all our imports. Following discussions with them, they have advised that in the very unlikely event of the UK leaving on WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules, they will be able to continue to process incoming goods. With the use of digital (paperless) processing of customs documents they do not anticipate major issues, however services may be delayed in the earlier stages. They cannot comment further at this time. In addition, we have advised all our suppliers who are already very versed in handling orders with countries outside of the EU to be prepared for such changes
As we already export to many countries’ worldwide, we have the expertise to ensure that our shipments to our customers in the Republic of Ireland and other European clients will be processed as efficiently as possible.
Due to the diverse nature of the tooling products we offer, we will not be increasing our stock of standard tools. This would put unnecessary stress on our facilities in terms of storage and costs. However, we are working closely with clients who have expressed concerns about the supply chain and are working closely with them to ensure supply.

Please do contact us if you have concerns regarding the continuity of supply of any of the tools you currently purchase from us.

Thank you for your attention.
Richard Floyd

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