Highly efficient grooving of implant head profiles!
Grooving instead of single-point turning has become more established in medical applications as well. There are many reasons for it, as shown by the following example:

Previously, after turning the thread, the head profile was achieved by single-point turning. The contour of the head was rough-turned using a standard tool. Then the head profile was finished using an ISO insert with a very small cutting edge radius (R 0.2 mm). To achieve a high surface finish quality and to prolong tool life on the ISO insert a very low feed rate was used.

The rough-turning was done by a standard insert as in the previous process. The finishing process was achieved while grooving the entire head contour with a SCHWANOG PWP insertable tool.

Due to the grooving process a very high surface finish quality was achieved, while the previously rotational grooves established by the single-pointing process, were greatly minimized. Not only was the head profile produced with absolute process safety, but the Schwanog form tool was also able to reduce the part cycle time significantly.

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