MACH 2020 Rescheduled
IMPORTANT NOTICE! The MACH exhibition has been rescheduled.
The show will be moved from April 2020 to January 2021.
MACH 2021 Logo The organisers of the MACH Exhibition, the Manufacturing Trades Association (MTA), have announced that in consideration of the concerns about the coronavirus and public safety, they have rescheduled the exhibition. Whilst this is disappointing for all concerned, we support the decision being in the best interests of the industry.
MACH 2021 Stand  SO WHAT'S NEXT? 
for Floyd Automatic 
We are working to get all our plans in place. We will be attending next year's MACH 2021 exhibition and we aim to keep similar plans in place.
 Updates will follow.. 
Machines on the stand   THE COLLABORATION 
Star, Citizen & Tornos
We are continuing to work with Star Micronics, Citizen Machinery and Tornos Technologies throughout the year and will be supporting their machines in their showrooms. We are pleased to confirm that these demonstration machines will be on our stand at the 2021 show as part of our 30th anniversary. Our thanks to all concerned.
 Dates to follow.. 
For all your support 
Finally we want to say a big thankyou to all of you for supporting us through this difficult period. The virus has caused us all problems, but we continue to work through it.
 See you at MACH 2021 
 Stay safe and healthy 
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