Poken at MACH 2018
We understand that at this year MACH 2018 exhibition some of you registered interest in receiving information from our POKENS. This was a new technology for us and our visitors, so we understand that not everyone will be switched on with what to do next.

What is POKEN?
Poken is a cloud-based event management platform, that creates richer engagement. Trade show exhibitors load their marketing documents or any other relevant content, into ‘Touchpoints’. Poken’s  Touchpoint sensors are completely autonomous, and easily placed by the show organiser or by exhibitors themselves, anywhere in their booth, or elsewhere around the venue. Every time a visitor collects this information, they leave a digital business card. The exhibitor has the details of everyone who has dropped by there booth and collected their information, as well as a useful analytics.

Accessing you data..
If you're unsure on how to access your data, please follow this link and log in with your details. This will allow you to view the information we have provided.

We have provided links withing this article, please click the links below. You will find all the information on each tooling sections from MACH 2018 exhibition.
For more information please call our sales team 01462 491919.
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